IAGP, the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, is the premier international group therapy organization in the world.

We have individual and organizational members from every part of the globe. We value diversity and discussion, communication among and between conflicting individuals, groups, and countries.

The war in the Ukraine is taking its toll on adults, adolescents and most importantly, children. IAGP as an organization condemns the killing and maiming of innocent civilians, the most vulnerable among them: older people, children, young people and the physically and psychologically challenged.

We have mental health professionals from around the world with expertise in trauma and cultural/transcultural issues, with focus on war victims and war refugees.

Our Task Force for Trauma and Disaster Management has offered recent zoom discussion groups to help support colleagues from Ukraine and Russia. We offer our support to those around the world who could benefit from our clinical and organizational experience.

IAGP is ready to take a leadership role in peacekeeping and building professional dialogue on a psycho-socio-political level for all sides of conflict and war traumas in the world!

Therefore, we offer our assistance through psychotherapeutic groups, webinars, seminars, consultation, and psychosocial interventions to all countries affected by this crisis.

March 14 th 2022.

Richard Beck, President. USA Catherine Mela, Vice-President. Greece

Heloisa Fleury, Treasurer. Brazil

Maite Pi Ordoñez, Secretary. Spain

Maria van Noort, Senior Executive Member. The Netherlands

Asmaa Abd El Fattah, Young Executive Member. Egypt

Caner Bingol, Chair Task Force for Trauma/Disaster Management. Turkey

Eva Fahlstrom-Borg, Chair Trauma/Disaster Intervention Team. Sweden