About us

The Association of group analysis is engaged in development of group analysis as a psychotherapeutic method, education on group analysis and group therapy, and scientific and research activities.

The Association was founded in 2007 in Tuzla under the name The Association for Group Analysis. On November 15th, The Assembly of the Association for Group Analysis, in accordance with Article 12 of the Law on Associations and Foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adopted a Statute. Based on the Statute the Association was entered in the Register under the name The Association of Group Analysis seated in Tuzla. The abbreviated name of the Association is UGA/УГА.

The Association works on developing group analysis tradition through education, advising, supervision and research. The aim of UGA is cooperation, exchange of experience, providing relevant education on psychotherapy based on group analysis way of thinking and methods. In addition, we provide information on group analysis through workshops and meetings. The aims of UGA, apart from education, are also improving of the applying of the group analysis as the way of psychotherapeutic method in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Despite the fact that the Association was founded in 2007, the development of group analysis had started much earlier in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the first trainings held during the 1970s and 1980s at the Mental Health Center of the Psychiatric Clinic of Sarajevo and Psychiatric Hospital of Jagomir, which were held by members of today’s Institute for Group Analysis Zagreb. After the contact made with prof. dr. sc. Ljiljana Moro from the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) Zagreb in 1996 started the first postwar education in Tuzla.

UGA carried out the education on group analysis in cooperation with IGA Zagreb based on the program of the Institute of Group Analysis from London, in other words based on E.G.A.T.I.N. (European Group Analysis Training Institutions Network). The trainers are the members of IGA from Zagreb, and starting from 2014, the three members from the UGA are also the trainers on group analysis.

The Association is a full member of the Union of Psychotherapeutic Associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SPUBiH).