21. IAGP Конгрес – 1. IAGP Хибридни Конгрес


кликом на слику можете приступити сајту Конгреса који ће се одржати од 21. – 24. Јула 2022. у Песцари.

The 21st Congress of the International Association of Groups Psychotherapy and Group Processes – 1st IAGP HYBRID CONGRESS, July 22-24, 2022, is an international congress that aims to be a ground for the actualization of its theme, „Groups for the world, inspiration, strength, and transformation“.

The congress will take place online and also face-to-face. On site participants will meet in the beautiful Italian city of Pescara. The online platform will include hybrid activities and will feature workshops, plenary sessions, poster presentations, symposia, and other scientific, cultural, and social events.

Do not miss it out!